Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cheating Google Adsense!

Recently, I came across a forum where there was this discussion going on about cheating Google Adsense Program. Adsense Program is a Google Advertising and Publishers Program in which affiliates can show ads on their websites/ blogs/ videos/ apps.

Google clearly states in it's policies that clicking on your own ad is fraudulent and the user's account will be disabled at the earliest hint of cheating.

Yet people tend to find the loopholes in each and everything , especially where easy money is at the offering. In this forum that I stated about, someone suggested using Proxy sites to open their blogs or sites and clicking on their own ads.

Another one suggested using VPN servers to create anonymity and then clicking on your own ads. Well, this might work for some hours or some days, but it wont last much. You are sure going to get caught by Google.

Google has very strong tracking algorithms to detect such fraudulent activities and it will easily detect such clicks of your own and soon you'll see your account permanently banned for life. In addition to that, you'll lose all the money you have in your account.

If you think that by using proxy servers and using some anonymous IP address ( that is changing IP address and surfing internet ) to click on your own ads is a good idea, well you are wrong. Its a bad idea, Because there are a lot more things than just IP addressees which can be tracked by Google. They are Cooke, Digital Cache, Information from Extensions installed on your Browser and many more.

But if you still want to Cheat Adsense for some really low money ( and get your account disabled in the process) , here are 10 easy "tricks" to CHEAT ADSENSE:
1. Basic Clicker Cheat

2. Proxy clicker cheat

3. Multiple computer clicker cheat

4. Software clicker cheat

5. Paid-clickers cheat

6. Click-rings cheat

7. Other medium cheat

8. Visitor cheat

9. Spam cheat

10. Click-through-rate cheat

You can google these terms for detailed reference. Though at last, the good advice would be to develop good content and utilize your time to research and develop your site / blog/ videos for the better rather than following the things mentioned above!

Good Luck with your Adsense Program!

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